Olimpia Bevilacqua 

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Olimpia D’Angelo Bevilacqua was born in Italy into a very close family of five brothers. Olimpia has proudly maintained her Italian heritage and culture during her 56 years in Canada. Her working career started in the Insurance Industry at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and continued through the years as Metropolitan Life through acquisitions and mergers evolved into SunLife Assurance Co. Olimpia attained levels in management and earned numerous forms of recognition of excellence for performance and dedication. During her career, Olimpia’s ability to motivate and positively impact her direct reports was very instrumental in fostering a healthy work environment, and building an atmosphere of trust and goodwill. After her thirty-eight year career as team leader and Manager, Olimpia accepted a contract position with the Federal Government as Senior Advisor Administrator. In this position, Olimpia once again has the opportunity to utilize her business training, her experience and overall professional development which will continue to contribute to her success. In addition, Olimpia makes time for her passion of “giving back” to her community, both the Italian and Canadian communities. Her enthusiastic and caring nature is very evident as Olimpia now devotes time to volunteering in her community. She is presently president of the Pretorese Association for a second term and functions as a committee member on other boards. Olimpia presently enjoys the company of her two daughters, three grandchildren and her sons-in-laws. On rare occasions when Olimpia is not involved with work and or volunteering, she enjoys traveling with family or friends.